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You see? You see?
The reasons to stay bare It was the time when I was the only person living in the temple, except, of course, Oshosama. Some people would come by to help with cleaning and maintenance every day, but I still had a full on my plate. Grass to be plucked, meals to be...
Your Handwriting Is Terrible.
Is your handwriting good?  I always knew mine was… unique. Some loved it. Some complained it was hard to read. My mother sent me a textbook titled “Beautiful Writing With a Pen.” But I didn't take the hint: I thought that it was just my way of writing, that not...
The voice inside her head said ”I don’t want to go back” … and she didn’t.
Where the biggest change takes place A phrase used in an astrology reading like “a big change is coming for you” stirs the image of an external force coming to uproot me from my everyday life to unknown territory. It does sound exciting. I would want to know how and...
You see? You see?

You see? You see?

“No,” I said. No point in faking. He knows.

He started walking, through the corridor, into the kitchen, then to the hearth room. Then he asked, “You see?” I didn’t understand what I was supposed to “see.” So I remained silent.

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