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I was listening. Ever since I was small, I was always listening to the stories of Mother, Father, friends, grandpas from the neighbourhood whose paths came to cross mine.

It was people who worked with their hands, crafting something by listening to the rhythm of nature. It was people who took on and passed on the knowledge stored over generations.

It was people who chose an unconventional path because that’s what their hearts told them.

I listened. It was not always in words, but it was always articulated so explicitly through their hands, movements, and being.

I held on to these precious gems of resonance and teachings. 

The gems I collected over time. I let them rest in my chest for a while. Just like gems in a display case, I would take them out from time to time when I felt lost, and when I wanted to offer some light to others.

But they recently started to bubble up like kombucha, as if they were asking to be heard. It was no longer containable in the small display case in my heart.

As the world turns its focus/attetion to the wisdom within us, within our body and inner knowings.

It’s time to tell the stories. It’s time to hold the stories in our hands.

Our Promise to You



Most of the ingredients for the Tangible Wisdom are procured from nature. We and our partners try to wrap them with materials that will ultimately go back to nature as much as possible. 



Minimum wrapping is encouraged for Tangible Wisdom. We also put a lot of love into how they are wrapped & received. If you wish to gift-wrap Tangible Wisdom, please leave a comment at your checkout! We’ll make sure to see your smile before your gift brings happiness to your loved one.



We’ll make sure to credit the works of the photographers, many of whom have provided these amazing works out of goodwill to support the makers. We credit and contribute to their revenue sources. 



We also care about the sustainability of the ecosystem surrounding craftsmanship. We encourage each maker to name the price. By supporting aspiring individuals paving their way in more unorthodox, unstable territories to shine their own light, we hope to showcase alternatives to the narrowly defined path to success and happiness.

Founder, Storyteller

I believe wisdom is passed down generations and stored within our body. Many of us have forgotten the ways to tap into it.

Tomo Yoshizawa

I grew up in a crafts family. My grandfather, Rikizo Munehiro, was a holder of intangible national cultural property (also known as Living National Treasure), my mother wove kimono and my father worked with wood to craft musical instruments called koto.

Despite all of that, no one, or so at least they said, expected me to take on their paths fo I went onto exploring my freedom; from studying abroad to working in media.

After the East Japan great earthquake and tsunami in 2011, I was at loss. And I needed something more reliable, substantial, sturdy and tangible than the winding paths of life that I used to base my beliefs upon.

I started digging my roots, what’s beneath my feet. The stories of Shokunin craftsmen, Zen practitioners, my family and grandpas and grandmas from the neighbourhood, captivated my heart. And I was lifted by listening to their life stories and teachings. After receiving so much, there was no way I was going to keep it all to myself. I started wanting to tell the world about it.

Interested in hiring Tomo as a Japanese Culture Consultant?

Contact her at tomo[at]wisdomtookit[dot]co or on social.

Photo courtesy of Aya Iwai

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship Tangible Wisdom to?

We ship anywhere in Japan for free. For international shipping, please email us at hello[at]wisdomtoolkit[dot]co so we can navigate you through the process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We use happily accept all major credit cards, bank transfer, and PayPal for your checkout. Simply click the PayPal button (you do not need an account) and the option to pay by card will appear on the PayPal popup with no sign-in required.

Can I return Tangible Wisdom?

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the handicraft products, all sales are regarded as final (no refunds or returns). Should you wish to express your concern regarding the product you have received, please contact hello[at]wisdomtoolkit[dot]co.

Please also make sure the condition for the Tangible Wisdom meets the following:

  • Items must be within 7 days of your receiving.
  • Items must be unused and in their original packaging.
  • Your original shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

Please read the full Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges Policy for further details.

Why do you need my email address for shipping?

We use your email address to provide order confirmation, delivery tracking, and communications pertinent to your order. Rest assured your email address, personal information will not be provided to any third parties!

Can Tomo help me find a Japanese gift or experience?

Happy to! Tomo can help you find them through her organically grown network of passionate people. Email Tomo[at]wisdomtoolkit[dot]co to let us know more details.

Can I see more work from the craftspeople in your Wisdom Blog?

Good question! The craftspeople we introduce here may not be very accessible on other platforms. We’d be happy to go between and help you discover more of their works.

How long does it usually take to receive Tangible Wisdom?

We’re working in partnership with craftspeople and the same goes for the shipping.

You will receive a notification within 24-48 hours confirming the placement of your order.

Processing of your order will take approximately 3 days and you will receive another notification when your order is ready to be shipped, followed by another email with the shipping details.

What do I do if I receive a damaged item and/or the wrong item?

Please email us at hello[at]wisdomtoolkit[dot]co within 5 days of receiving your item(s). We’ll try to solve your issue as soon as possible.

Do you have a Mailing List where I can subscribe?

Thank you for asking! Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up for the Wisdom Toolkit Newsletter, where some of the behind-the-scenes stories are shared. And for upcoming campaigns, events, and latest news, the subscribers are the first to know!

Do you gift wrap?

If you wish to gift-wrap Tangible Wisdom, please leave a comment at your checkout! We’ll make sure to see your smile before your gift brings happiness to your loved one.

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