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“I Don’t Know” Is the Answer.
This is a tricky one. Using "I don't know" as an answer may be a safe choice for some, a way to avoid mistakes or even a self-preservative tactic. For me, it is a very proactive way to face my ego. After spending some time in the temple, I learned a thing or two about...
Life Is Made of Constant Choice-Makings.
So She Said No at the Age of 27. What choice did you make today? From something as daily as how eggs should be cooked for breakfast to something potentially life-changing as proposing to your date, or saying yes or no to the proposal. Some choices come easy, but with...
Sarasa – Traces of Cultural Confluence in Japan
Sarasa is said to have been born in India; the textile with grand, playful, and colourful patterns. As "Good Things Always Spread", it has appealed to the East and West, merged with indigenous aesthetics. Japan was not the exception, to say the least. What caught the...

The gems I collected over time. I let them rest in my chest for a while. Just like gems in a display case, I would take them out from time to time when I felt lost, and when I wanted to offer some light to others.

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