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You see? You see?
The reasons to stay bare It was the time when I was the only person living in the temple, except, of course, Oshosama. Some people would come by to help with cleaning and maintenance every day, but I still had a full on my plate. Grass to be plucked, meals to be...
Yes or No?
and What's Left Unsaid Precision and brevity are the tools you learn to acquire at the temple. Achieving precision with fewer words: I can’t say I’ve mastered the skill, but at least now I recognise a person who is good at it. It all comes down to this... “Yes or No?”...
Walk on the Wild Side.
Would you believe me if I said that the most risk-taking, going-against-the-norm people I met were usually in the crafts -often traditional, even- world? I grew up being told that handicrafts wouldn’t make money; that It’s the industry of Migi Kata Sagari - right...

The gems I collected over time. I let them rest in my chest for a while. Just like gems in a display case, I would take them out from time to time when I felt lost, and when I wanted to offer some light to others.

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