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On Delivering Work
I found a bunch of offcuts wrapped in the newspaper dated 1989, at my grandfather's studio. They were the materials used to make neckties. It was a good way to adapt to the new, contemporary, lifestyle. However, the adaptation to the new produced some offcuts, which...
The Only Way to Be Better, Is to Better Yourself.
The only way to be better is to better yourself “When it comes to weaving, you can never achieve anything higher than yourself. The only way to become better at it, is to better yourself.” Munehiro says so. It’s something that’s been said many times in the past,...
But You Never Once Honoured Me.
Who Made What? At the birth of Mingei - folkcrafts- movement a century ago, the founders were amazed at the beauty daily utilitarian objects possessed. The beauty or even value usually went unnoticed. Few of these products, naturally, bore the makers' names. Why...

The gems I collected over time. I let them rest in my chest for a while. Just like gems in a display case, I would take them out from time to time when I felt lost, and when I wanted to offer some light to others.

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