Your accessible guide to Japanese culture and philosophy to elevate your day


Wisdom from modern Japan 

For those who need a little guidance in their life decision-making, want to be more tuned with their own senses or inner knowings, or are looking for the perfect elegant gift for a loved one.

Welcome to your usable, accessible, and authentic Japanese culture and philosophy guide. 

Life Wisdom

Quality wisdom that has worked over and over again through the centuries in an easily understandable form

Tangible Wisdom

Wisdom can come in many forms. Sometimes to remember to live peacefully, having something at hand as a reminder supports your life. Each tangibe piece also has a story.

Accessible eastern wisdom to offer you tools and inspirations to keep moving forward


I’m Tomo, and it’s my pleasure to be your cultural bridge. I believe wisdom is passed down through generations and stored within our bodies. Many of us have forgotten the ways to tap into it. Craftspeople, who constantly work with their hands and five senses, seem to have better access to that wisdom. Wisdom Toolkit seeks knowledge directly from these hand thinkers and bridges the freshly acquired wisdom from modern Japan to the rest of the world.

Bring Tangible Wisdom to Your Home

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