Obi – Sakura

This gentle sakura coloured hanhaba-obi (half-width belt for kimono) has a little play at the end. Two white triangles will show on the tip of your ribbon when tied.

Tsumugi silk pongee half-width obi woven by Yoshiko Munehiro. 


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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 380 × 17 cm



Yoshiko Munehiro



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Yukata (summer cotton kimono) season! If Kimono seems too “trying” in wearing i.e. too many layerings and strings. Then definitely start with Yukata.

Hanhaba-Obi (half-width belt for kimono) is the perfect company for such occasions, though can be worn with kimono all year round, too.

The weaver Yoshiko Munehiro is a strong advocate of half-width obi. What becomes available when the width is halved are…

  • It’s easy to wrap & tie, as opposed to a regular belt which you need to fold in half first.
  • It’s lighter: half the weight. (simple math!)
  • It’s cooler: less layers, more breathable.

Overall, it’s good for summer; good for beginners. The link below shows you one of many ways to tie your belt. But honestly, you can freestyle with it once you understand the basic rule; wrap and tie.


The material is tsumugi silk pongee, a kind of silk traditionally hand-spun. It utilises every part of silk threads, including bumps and knots, which gives it warmth and a look similar to cotton. This distinctive texture is ideal to use as a belt; wrapping around and tying is easy. For its nature, tsumugi once was categorised as daily wear, not suitable for a formal occasion. Now some of the tsumugi kimono have actually become more expensive than the formal kimonos, for their rarity. 

Hanging a favourite piece of textile changes the entire space. This common practice among fabric lovers should be shared; hang it on your wall or ceiling, or let it spread across your couch. Much easier to switch around than wallpaper. 

The more you use it, the texture gets softer, which makes it easier to use. A virtuous cycle there.

Read more about Yoshiko Munehiro

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