Fantastic Form

Organically solid soil



Soil turns into a solid piece of ceramic through the magic of water and fire. 



These FORMs though…Every FORM piece has its own distinct, fluid shape. I won’t be surprised if they start moving at night when humans are asleep. Slowly and quietly, they start stretching the curvy waists, twisting the shoulders left to right… One of them starts to coil oneself up, up, up… and just when it’s about to snap, it bounces back like a spring. Others recline, melting like jellyfish. 



But as soon as the first morning light reaches through the window, they’re back to their original shape. Except for the one that always forgets which side to tilt its neck.




These fantasy-evoking forms work as vases perfectly. The small opening at the top makes it easier to balance flowers or green. Simply pick one or two stems, casually throw them in and they will stay put. The flowers don’t have to be anything fancy, either; the humble flowers you’d find by the pavement could make a nice match.



When there is no flower to hold inside, it’s still pleasurable to look at. The vase does the job of incorporating the sense of nature by just being. Let it stand on a stool or on the shelf, the organically solid soil adds to the scenery of your room. 



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