Jizai -At Your Will

Essence of Japan at Your Space

Such an appropriate name for Japanese house decor.

Mobility and adjustability are the characteristics of a Japanese home. When all the fusuma, sliding doors, are taken out, a house consisting of three tiny rooms can be that of one big room where 30 family members, friends, and relatives can gather. 

After the banquet, when it’s time for everyone to recede to their bedrooms, the sliding doors are reinstalled. If that wasn’t enough, byobu ( partitions) can serve to divide a room into two separate spaces. 

Jizai’s proper name is Jizai kagi, which means adjustable hanging hook. If you have seen an old Japanese farmhouse with a hearth in the middle, a Jizai kagi must have been hanging from the ceiling on top of the hearth with a boiling iron kettle hooked on the tip. Or it could be a pot of root vegetable and meat, simmered over a gentle charcoal heat for hours. Depending on how well you like to cook it, the length of the hook can be adjusted… at your will. 

This iron Jizai is a modern take on the adjustable hanging hook. Mobile and adjustable. It’s funny how the actual noun has been omitted and the adjective became the name. Nonetheless, the name speaks for itself.

The cylinder vase is small enough to throw in any wildflowers or green you find on the street. And somehow, it always looks good.

A piece of freedom in your hands and at home.


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