No Way We Can Ever Call Ourselves Self-Taught.

Because There Is a “Thank You” in Every Hand-Crafted Object.

Senro Sato said. 

Is it… “thank you for purchasing”? … Probably yes.

Or… “thank you for using, using it with care”?… most likely.

But it won’t stop there. 

The tree that stood for many years.

The lumberman who felled the tree.

The urushi scratcher who went around urushi woods collecting urushi sap.

The woodturner who shaped the wooden piece on a lathe.

The urushi sap refiner. 

After all that, the wooden piece finally gets base-coated, then whetstoned, covered, lacquered, sanded, lacquered, sanded again, smoothed again, and…

The “thank you” goes for every life, being, that took part in becoming and shaping the piece that’s in our hands today.

In the same way, every name urushi-ware holds has a story, and history. (See Negoro and Bajo Hai)

When we realise everything we touch, or even the things we think we create, is built upon the layers of lives, wisdom and works of others… 

“There is no way we can call ourselves self-taught” is another word of his.

Tea Container - Rikyu Natsume
Tea Container – Rikyu Natsume

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