Obidome -Tiny Universe

Obi is the belt that holds kimono together. Obijime, braided rope, fastens the obi. And obidome is an accessory to put on obijime.

As requested by his wife, Takeshi started making this obidome brooch. An extra decoration to be added to the obijime rope. The materials he uses are ivory, red sandalwood, and ebony, all of which were necessary to make koto (zither-like Japanese musical instruments) and imported before the Washington treaty.


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 2.2 × 1.2 cm

Ivory, Red Sandalwood, Ebony


Takeshi Yoshizawa



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Tiny Universe

There is a little crack on the surface, much like a craquelure you find on the surface of porcelains. And the uneven dots of red sandalwood adds to the scenery. To me, this feels like a universe encapsulated in one tiny piece of woodwork.

The material is ivory, ebony, mahogany, and red sandalwood, all were necessary to make koto (zither-like Japanese instrument) and were imported before the Washington treaty. 

As requested by his wife, Takeshi started making these obidome brooches. An accessory to be added when fastening the kimono and the belt.

This is one of the very first obidome works of his, made with his familiar materials; and its hole turned out to be too small for some Obijime ropes.

He took the advice, didn’t seem to take it even personally, and kept on crafting more… which will be introduced here in Tangible Wisdom Store little by little.

Looking at the wild texture on the ivory surface, little cracks, and even smudged dots altogether triggered the word “tiny universe” in my head. As it’s titled. A tiny universe in your hand. Use it as you like it.

A girl inserted a rubberband so she can keep it with her every day, on her wrist or head. 

Or it can be used with your favourite braided leather strings like a bolo tie without clasps.

It will be delivered with a thread of Choshi, the very first part of silk threads when silk worms start producing threads.


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