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“I Don’t Know” Is the Answer.

This is a tricky one. Using “I don’t know” as an answer may be a safe choice for some, a way to avoid mistakes or even a self-preservative tactic.

For me, it is a very proactive way to face my ego.

After spending some time in the temple, I learned a thing or two about the temple; such as its architecture and treasures. The visitors to the temple ask me questions about them and it’s my nature to try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

When I told Oshosama about that, his answer was the title.

“Even if I made a mistake, who would remember what I said?” was the voice in my head. But it’s not about that.

The temptation of showing off a tiny fragment of my knowledge is what I had to fight.

What would you say when someone asks you if you know some names that ring a bell -very remotely?

“That sounds familiar.”

“I have heard about it.”

“Isn’t that…???”

I would say these words.

When all I have to do is to keep listening to what the other person, whom I’m holding the conversation with, is about to tell me.

When I want to show that I know, it becomes more of a distraction rather than an engagement.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but this is the medicine Oshosama prescribed me. 

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