On Delivering Work

I found a bunch of offcuts wrapped in the newspaper dated 1989, at my grandfather‘s studio.

They were the materials used to make neckties. It was a good way to adapt to the new, contemporary, lifestyle. However, the adaptation to the new produced some offcuts, which was not usually the case with the traditional Kimono patterning.

I asked tuguminoeda if there was any way to give another life to these dear materials. She met my request by not off-cutting any parts, nor even wasting a thread: she folded them into triangle bookmarks, with lustrous strands she created by twisting the threads that came off with undyed tsumugi -silk pongee-threads.

There are certain people whom I can instinctively trust with work. They usually deliver so much more than I ask for, scooping up subtle nuances in my voice. Such that I reflect on myself and feel embarrassed, or motivated to become better the next day.

Because they love what they do. tuguminoeda is one of them. She utilised every bit of the cloth including selvedges, with the least changes to be made. Even threads that came off were twisted and woven into spiral codes.

Now that I think, my grandfather, Rikizo Munehiro is also one of these people who move me forward, too.









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