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The Only Way to Be Better, Is to Better Yourself.

The only way to become better is to better yourself
The only way to be better is to better yourself

“When it comes to weaving, you can never achieve anything higher than yourself. The only way to become better at it, is to better yourself.”

Munehiro says so. It’s something that’s been said many times in the past, common sense, one may say. However, I don’t know any maker who has said the word with such depth and richness.  

Clear and Lasting, Soft and Durable, Subdued yet Deep, and Warm…

These adjectives always come up when Rikizo Munehiro talks of weaving. I don’t think there is anyone who has spoken to him about weaving and never heard of these words. For him, these are unmissable, primal qualities that woven textile has to be equipped with.

At the same time, these qualities are also the prerequisite for those who weave to cultivate in themselves above anything. More importantly, Rikizo Munehiro himself is the embodiment of these adjectives.

I wear a kimono, or a necktie woven by Rikizo Munehiro, and am marvelled at the quality of beauty I find in them….  

I gifted Munehiro’s necktie to one of my best friends Knut Yensen, (Founder and Director of Luisiana Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark). He sent me a letter of gratitude soon after, saying he’s wearing it for every occasion, as he receives compliments all the time.

―――     ”About Rikizo MUNEHIRO” Makoto OOKA

Eri silk Plaids Kimono- close up
Eri silk Plaids Kimono- close up








私は宗廣力三作のネクタイを彼(デンマーク、コペンハーゲン ルイジアナ美術館創設者・館長のクヌート・イェンセン)へのお土産にした。まもなく彼から来た手紙には、このネクタイがどこに行っても注目のまとであり、自分はどんな会合にもこのネクタイをしめて出るのだと書いてあった。

―――        「宗廣力三さんのこと」 大岡信

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