Excavating the Shape Beneath

Old, beloved, used, and softened cloth. A needle and threads. 

That’s all to begin with.

Stitches around the windows where ripped cotton threads come out like feathers.

“The mended piece is powerful. More powerful than the original cloth,” Kinuyo says.

A stitch by stitch…

The waves created by stitches;

The patterns created by the waves;

They crush and merge into one organic entity. 

I’ve seen her craft evolve over time.


first sewing piece



… you see? And her crafts also evolve over time.

“When I’m stitching all day, I begin to feel that I’m excavating the shape hidden underneath the cloth. “

Here, I am reminded of the words of a Buddhist sculptor, who says it’s not him to give shape to a piece of wood: rather, his work is to help it manifest the shape hidden beneath, which has always existed within. 

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